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International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (IYFR)

IYFR is a group of Rotarians dedicated to the promotion of sailing and other boating activities as an opportunity for friendship and service. This fellowship operates in accordance with Rotary International policy but is not an agency of nor controlled by Rotary International.

The International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians is the oldest and largest of the Rotary Fellowships. The fellowship was founded in England in 1947 and has since grown to include 126 fleets, totalling about 3680 members, in 44 countries.

All Rotarians can join IYFR. The only requirement for joining is an active interest in boats of any type. Ownership of a boat is specifically not required, only an interest in water-related activities. IYFR Fleets are located worldwide, in all continents. If a fleet is not located near to you, or travel takes you to different locations, you can even join the global EFleet.

IYFR also maintains its own web site, principally for the use of its own members. Please click here if you are interested in joining or would like more information about the fellowship. As a global organisation it is involved in all water-based activities: rivers, canal boats, dingy sailing, ocean going ... anything and everything on water!


Rotafloat is the IYFR newsletter. Originally published on paper or as a PDF document, this newsletter was distributed around the world for many years. However,as well as language issues, this could make it difficult to find items of individual interest or geographic area. As an alternative just scroll through the menu on the left hand side of this page to be taken directly to the items that interest you. It is only necessary to have Acrobat PDF reader installed on your computer. International readers and non-English speakers can also make use of the automatic translate facilities provided within most Internet browsers (Chrome, Microsoft, etc), or online by Google and others.

Articles for publication on this Rotafloat website can be posted here.

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