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Memorandum of Understanding: IYFR and Lega Navale Italiana

At the end of June 2019 a memorandum of understanding was signed between the IYFR Italy Region and Lega Navale Italiana, requiring the two associations to collaborate with each other in relation to their own resources in any activity that is considered by both parties to be of common purpose and of mutual interest.

In particular, LNI will grant IYFR-ITALIA members who are not yet licensed, priority in attending courses to obtain the qualifications necessary for operating pleasure boats. LNI and IYFR-ITALIA will put their expert sailors and highly qualified members at the disposal of all sailing courses (dinghies and offshore) respectively. LNI on certain occasions and with prior agreements with its Section Presidents, may grant IYFR-ITALIA members access to LNI premises for their social meetings.

Eventually national and local events for young people will be extended interchangeably between the two Associations. IYFR and LNI will mutually support each other in the enhancement of their image and their respective activities, especially through the publication of their respective periodicals, newsletters and websites.

This MoU is the preliminary agreement to develop mutual support between LNI local sections and IYFR fleets on the basis of further contacts between Fleet Commodores and LNI Section President. It is also intended to encourage Rotarian members of LNI to join the IYFR.

Lega Navale Italian is a non-economic body under Italian Public Law, with an associative and non-profit ethos, whose purpose is to spread maritime spirit, knowledge of maritime issues, love for the sea and commitment to protecting the marine environment and inland waters, among the general population. It was established in 1987, and is subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. It has about 60,000 members in 250 sections throughout Italy. LNI promotes and supports the use of pleasure craft and other navigation activities, contributing to the teaching of nautical culture. It works to spread love for the sea, of the maritime spirit, and knowledge of maritime issues among the Italian population, especially among younger people.

Luigi Norsa


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