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Rotarians and Police Officers Sail Together.

Rotary fellowships give us the opportunity to work and enjoy the friendship of our Rotary colleagues. The Cancun Ocean and Sand fleet has carried out several social activities of fellowship and community action.

The police department had initiated a recognition process for those police officers who stand out for their work and honesty. The fleet  decided to recognize these police officers, eight of them, by taking them on a catamaran trip with their families especially as many of them do not have the opportunity to sail.

It was an opportunity for us as Rotarians to discuss our activities with them, and to make them feel that they are very important for our society. Their children see in them an example to follow and we believe that it is from childhood that we can create awareness for a better society. In sailing we tell them who we are and what we do as Rotarians.

We can also enjoy the beautiy of Cancun, talk about the conservation of the seas, and the importance of the elimination of plastics that affect our seas. In the end we are all anxious to make a better world, and our small contribution will surely create something good for the future.

Alfonso Bolio, Commodore, Cancun Ocean and Sand Fleet

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